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Continuation of Fertile Valley

Create and share pregnant fantasies here.

Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby falloutghoul » Mon Aug 15, 2016 3:44 pm

This story continuation has been fantastic so far.

I am hoping that you will include the family that Bill met at the restaurant for their check-up. :mrgreen:
"What are you looking at, smooth-skin?" -Ghoul, Fallout game series.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Thu Aug 18, 2016 10:12 pm

Sorry - no new chapter as of yet; things are quite busy work-wise, unfortunately pushing my time to write more to the background.

Thank you kindly, once more, for all the encouraging words. I have taken some ideas from your posts, altogether weaving them into the upcoming chapter. I intend to finish chapter 16 in 2-3 weeks; it's a self-imposed deadline though, so I hope I can manage it.

I have edited the first post to include a table of contents of the chapters. They include clickable links to the corresponding chapter, so it is easier to find the chapters in this post.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby falloutghoul » Fri Aug 19, 2016 9:07 am

GeForce wrote:Sorry - no new chapter as of yet; things are quite busy work-wise, unfortunately pushing my time to write more to the background.

Thank you kindly, once more, for all the encouraging words. I have taken some ideas from your posts, altogether weaving them into the upcoming chapter. I intend to finish chapter 16 in 2-3 weeks; it's a self-imposed deadline though, so I hope I can manage it.

I have edited the first post to include a table of contents of the chapters. They include clickable links to the corresponding chapter, so it is easier to find the chapters in this post.

And yeah, real life takes priority. Just take your time.
"What are you looking at, smooth-skin?" -Ghoul, Fallout game series.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby IHaveTheQi » Tue Aug 23, 2016 4:15 pm

Thank you so much for continuing this legendary story! Understand completely that real life takes precedence but I really hope you're able to continue
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Whitechimera » Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:42 am

I can't wait for the next chapter <3
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Mon Sep 19, 2016 9:49 pm

Chapter 16 The Ovum Conundrum

About a month passed before Peggy and I had been able to schedule for our four girls to get their first ultrasound; permission to leave school was one thing – but we hadn’t anticipated the waiting list for USG check-ups. In hindsight it shouldn’t have been surprising, what with the baby-booming business in the valley. Regardless, we were just one day away now and the girls were getting excited.

My daughters seemed to consider their first ultrasound as a milestone of sorts; like passing an important phase in their pregnancies. In a way it felt like a truer-than-true confirmation that they were on the way to delivering healthy babies. MANY healthy babies. Needless to say their once cute little tummies were now heavily pregnant figures – round and stretched, growing bigger than big. It seemed impossible how they all had grown so HUGE in merely four or five months.

Seeing them fill up their maternity clothes, stretching their dresses…bellies straining their waistbands… it it was an instant turn-on every single day. My girls were simply too cute, too beautiful – too fucking PREGNANT. Quality time with the family had been given a new meaning entirely.

Peggy had expressed some concern about her (and our daughters’) size, but every doctor she consulted dismissed her fears and said that as long as there was no spotting or cramps, they were all in good health. They mentioned many women in Fertile Valley experienced big pregnancies, and miscarriages were very rare. Nonetheless, Peggy had everyone do routine swimming and back exercises every other day, preparing their bodies for the added weight.
My wife, being a few weeks ahead of the girls, was entering her sixth month, and by now she looked due with big, heavy twins. She had already done one USG two months ago, but because of the babies’ positions the gynaecologist could only tell us ‘there’s more than three kickin’ in da oven’. Needless to say she had scheduled a follow up at the same time the girls had their ultrasounds.

Despite her size, Peggy handled herself marvellously. I guess you could say it was her experience with her previous twinner pregnancies; her stance, walk and actions allowed her to get about on her own, at least for the time being. I remembered how I had to help her around in her last pregnancy, when she was due to deliver Melissa and Meagan. It wouldn’t be long before she’d need assistance again, considering how fast she was growing.

I suppose the same could be said for my lovely girls. Debbie and Dee were getting big – absolutely – but not nearly as huge and swollen as their mother. They still bounced about actively, despite the spherical protrusions sticking out from their little frames. They had grown in the chest more, and especially Debbie was sprouting succulent, long nipples just begging to be played with.

Melissa was definitely carrying more than her older twins. Her belly was rivalling her mother’s, nearing the size of full-term with twins. She was affected a lot more by her size, specifically because of how young and small she still was. She already experienced some trouble getting up, having to heave that heavy hump and arching her back, slowly waddling rather than playfully running.

But as always, Meagan was ahead of the pack. She had simply BALLOONED outwards, having easily surpassed her mother and, indeed, anyone I had seen or heard of in their fifth month. With her rapid growth came more discomforts than with the others; she leaned heavily on her sisters whenever she could, as well as on her mom and myself. She could still walk on her own, leaning backwards to shift her weight and keep her balance, but getting up, sitting down, even getting dressed required a helping hand. And then there were here TITS – those damn things kept bursting through bras every two weeks! They had surpassed her mother’s in size now; two large, magnificent orbs flowing from her chest, hanging sideways over her massive belly.

Despite her discomfort Meagan appeared to absolutely LOVE being so massive. She could barely reach her arms around her overly swollen tummy, but still oiled it up every night and massaged her soft boobs, keeping the skin smooth and shiny. “They’re getting heavy daddy; your babies are GROWING so much!” she would tease me, stroking her distended shape. She lusted after me every day, and although I was more careful now, almost instinctually so, I could not help the urge to fuck her– I enjoyed Meagan’s slutty pussy the most of all the knocked up ladies in the house.

I had to admit, the thought of finding out exactly HOW pregnant my girls and wife were had me both excited and nervous. In between all the hormones and horniness there was still a voice of reason telling me this was going to be an almost insurmountable task – both the simultaneous pregnancies and the additional children that would need love and care afterwards.

But right at this moment I had managed to push it all to the back of my mind. Tomorrow would be the ultrasound. Today there was work to do.

You see, that other pregnant minx – busty nurse Maggie – had finally been able to convince a family of donating some fertile eggs for our research. And wouldn’t you know it? It turned out to be that same family of overly-ripe, heavily pregnant ‘young-uns’ I had talked to in Ma’s Kettle, the tiny restaurant that served home-cooked roast – to home-fucked families. Apparently the father had knocked up some of his girls AGAIN – and with so many babies and toddlers he was desperate for the money. I still remembered the sight of those twin girls, Tessa and…Cassie? How pregnant they were, with their own set of twins on the way; their milky tits had been bigger than my wife’s. And then the triplet girls – the image of them squeezing their way in their booths reappeared and took shape... how the twins began spraying their milk…

The sound of the bathroom door snapped me from my memories – memories that had given me a semi already – as Maggie leaned in the opening.

“Oomph... A little help here, stud?” Maggie panted, one hand rubbing the side of her stomach.

If my little daydream got me halfway up, the sight of nurse Maggie gave me a full-on erection with a vengeance. No matter how much sex I had enjoyed at home, no matter how drained I would’ve been when reaching the clinic, Maggie was somehow able to kick things up to eleven.

Busty nurse Maggie had gotten SO. FUCKING. HUGE. She was now seven months along with her sextuplets, and those babies were growing really well. Maggie had literally grown out of her nurse’s uniform – but that hadn’t stopped her from wearing it. She could only get one button fastened, that was it, and it left nothing to the imagination. Her massive tits were straining tightly against her bra – cleavage and areolas visible through the V-neck of her helpless uniform. The buttons at the top had popped off completely, something Maggie had proudly accomplished a month before, to drive me absolutely insane. The button in the middle struggled to hold on, day by day having its limits tested.

Her belly expanded directly from below her ribcage and simply orbed outwards in the shape of an overinflated beach ball, with her outfit draping to her sides in utter defeat. Although she wore maternity pants they couldn’t hold her overabundance; they were hidden beneath the gigantic dome that stuck out from her abdomen. She was so big, so massively HUGE, that Maggie had defeated poster girl Emily Walton as if it had been nothing. It was amazing how she could still stand upright!

In truth, most of her usual tasks had been taken over by other nurses; Maggie mainly signed off papers and checked patient charts. She had grown so large that she couldn’t even reach the keyboard on the desk – not without resting it on her own round ‘table’.

“Phew, thank you Bill. I’m really getting larger than life, eh?” Maggie winked as I guided her to a large, cushiony arm chair. She gripped my arm and shoulder for support, allowing my hand to brush over her breasts.

“Although maybe it’s more accurate to say I’m getting larger with life!” she laughed as she cautiously nestled herself in her seat. I got her a glass of water, but she waved her hand dismissively.

“Thank you, but I drink litres a day already. These kiddos press against my bladder enough as it is!”

Suddenly she gasped, hands automatically moving to her belly. “They moved again! Come, come and feel them, Bill!”

I knelt down in front of her, putting one hand on her giant, sexy belly. Her skin felt warm and soft, but tight – then suddenly it tensed and bulged under my palm. Maggie giggled, rubbing and prodding her massiveness, luring a response from the critters inside.

“I’ll be going on maternity leave next week, Bill,” she smiled at me lovingly yet sad, “I’m useless here, waddling about like an elephant. No, don’t sweet-talk me, I know how I feel.”
“I happen to think you look amazing,” I stated, “amazing and sexy.”

“An amazing, sexy elephant then,” she smiled at me, adjusting her position in the chair. “I simply couldn’t leave before seeing those egg cells though, seeing what they will do.”

She didn’t have to wait for long. Ten minutes after she had sat down the intercom buzzed, telling us the McKenzies had arrived.

As Maggie made her way to the gynaecologist office (with some much needed assistance of a fellow nurse) I welcomed Mr. McKenzie and the two women he brought along: one of his daughters – I later found out it was Ellie, the girl who milked her bloated tits in the restaurant – and his wife. Both were, at that moment, not conceiving.

“Mah Gilbert jus ain’t got it in ‘im to leave dem daughters o’ his alone!” The wife, Betty, poked her husband’s beer gut as he oafishly stared at her buxom. Ellie was twirling her hair as she stared at me, ignoring her mother’s rant.

“Now Tessie’s got another ‘un baking in the oven an’ we jus don’t have no money no more!”
Fat man Gilbert made a face that made him look even dumber than before – dumber than his son who’d had trouble reading a menu; I honestly hadn’t thought that was possible.

“Well miss, with this research we can find out a lot more about multiple births, and how healthy ova behave before conception,” I started, before realizing such a sentence would prove challenging for them, “and it’ll help you out financially quite a bit.” At least that last part brightened up their faces.

“We will retrieve ova – egg cells – from both your wife as well as your daughter, which will take roughly an hour. Our institute will pay for the procedure, AND pay you an amount equal to the costs.” This also proved difficult for them, so I added, “We will pay you 3000 dollars in total.”

Gilbert and Betty looked at each other in marvel, smiling brightly; Ellie jumped up and down, cheering about getting new clothes (I wasn’t too sure, her bouncing boobs distracted me).

“Well, mister – Bill, was it? –Bill, tell us where to sign!” the fat man roared more than laughed.

After the signing and hand-shaking was done (I even got a surprisingly tight hug from Ellie, who purposely squished her soft tit-flesh against me) I pointed the family to the gynaecologist, who would do the procedure, with ‘assistance’ from Maggie. I wasn’t allowed to be present, for privacy reasons, and so I had to wait. This would prove to be a boring passage of time…

It took a while, but after an hour the process was done (and the fat bastard had got his check to cash in). Maggie joined me in the lab once more with a surprised look on her face.

“I won’t bore you with the technical details, but I’ve never even heard of so many eggs being collected without hyperstimulated ovaries!” Maggie spoke excitedly as I helped her pregnant figure in the comfy chair once more. “Normally one might get just a few – but we retrieved THIRTY eggs from each! ”

“Thirty?” I repeated, as surprised as Maggie was. “That may already be a clue, then. Their ovaries are obviously producing many more eggs than normally.”

Maggie clapped her hands before rubbing her large, spherical belly absentmindedly. “During the retrieval I came up with something else we could check, before the eggs are ready for us.” Her eyes positively beamed at whatever she had in mind. She tried getting up, but gave up almost immediately. “Oh – they are heavy… You’ll have to do it, Bill. Can you access the hospital’s database? I’ll give you my log-in.”

I moved to the desk and moved to the shared computer drive, using Maggie’s log-in. I chuckled when she told me her password, ‘BustyBabe28’. “Alright, I’m in. What do I do know?” I asked.

“Go to maternity records. There should be a folder called ‘database’.” Maggie poked and massaged her belly, gasping now and then at the active kicking of her babies. One of them kicked upwards so hard it made her tits wobble. Damn, if she wasn’t the hottest, pregnant nurse I had ever seen; sitting there glowing in expectant bliss, her huge belly heaving up and down with each breath…

“Hello? Bi-iill? Are you home?” Maggie chuckled as I snapped out of it again. Smiling, seductively, she purred at me, “You ARE a naughty man, aren’t you Bill? Did you get all distracted by nurse Maggie? Busty, oh-so PREGNANT Maggie?”

I didn’t have to answer; as I turned to her my boner had done the speaking for me. “In my defence,” I grinned, “I did say you look amazing. You are one hot woman, Maggie.”

This made her laugh so hard she had to hold her belly to keep it from shaking too much. “Alright, Don Juan, I can SEE your point. But stay with me here, I think I’m on to something.”

Still grinning I went back to the computer and went to the database folder. “Okay, there are some records… spreadsheets and documents…”

“There should be some documents called, eh, ‘midwife’ or something…” Maggie pondered for a moment, “…Midwife…births? Open any one of those.”

“I’ve got midwife childbirth stats? There are a few of those followed by a name.”

“Yes! Just click on any of those,” Maggie chirped cheerfully. I clicked on the first document and a spreadsheet opened with data on all the women this particular midwife had helped deliver. Dates, time of delivery, multiples… “Wait, multiples? Gestation?” I pondered out loud.

“Yes! Yes, they keep track of how many multiple births occur, and the gestation time! That’s it…”

As I scrolled through the list, eyes widening, Maggie’s intentions became clear to me. It appeared around 50 percent of the women had given birth to single child. The other half was mostly twins, some triplets… with the occasional quads being born. It hadn’t been hard to believe there was a high rate of multiples, what with the ‘vitamins’ in everyone’s food and meds. But Maggie was right about the gestation period – something very striking was going on.

“They all carried their multiples to full-term…” I muttered, almost too softly for Maggie to hear.

“Hmm? Oh, yessss,” Maggie nodded affirmatively, “that’s what I suspected. Remember our lab rats?”

Like pieces of a puzzle, things clicked in my mind. How could I have forgotten? The poor female rats had been overdue so long they couldn’t move!

“Thing is,” Maggie continued, scratching her outie, “normally twins or triplets are born early – often premature by weeks. But in our valley…”

“In this valley they carry them longer…” I finished, half trailing off. “39 weeks…39… 42 weeks here…38 weeks…44, holy crap…40, 41, 39…” I sat back, in awe of the implications of these numbers. That’s why the women grew so abnormally large: they stayed pregnant MUCH longer carrying multiples, allowing for the children’s growth spurt in the last weeks. It must’ve been a side effect of all the drugs and chemicals that was in the food and water – something prolonged the gestation period.

My thoughts went to my family, and how BIG my wife and daughters had already become. I looked at Maggie, absolutely ENORMOUS with SIX babies, as a glimpse of what they may look like too. I imagined my sweet little Meagan, growing bigger…BIGGER… bursting through her clothes, her belly growing huge in front of my eyes, the same size as nurse Maggie’s. Meagan arched her back, puffing from the weight of that immense sphere on her tiny frame, biting her lip whilst looking at me. Her tits are now swelling, nipples getting rounder and longer… spurting milk… “I’m gonna get even BIGGER for you, daddy…SO much bigger for my naughty daddy…Bill…”

“…Bill! Naughty Billy, what ARE you thinking of? Your purrregnant Maggie here? How big, BIGGER than big I’ll still get in two months? There’s no hiding your thoughts, Bill…” Maggie pointed at my throbbing boner, easily seen straining my pants.

“If you’re nice to me today, Bill, I can help you with your…distractions…” Maggie purred, voice sweet as honey, as she rubbed her belly seductively, biting her lip. As if by instinct I began to fiddle with my belt, staring at Maggie’s body.

Just then a young nurse knocked on the door, startling us into submission. She delivered the ova samples, and after an awkward (but thankfully brief) greeting we were alone again; egg cells in a special container waiting on the counter.

“I gotta see this. Bill, help me up, will you? I’ve been waiting for this for months!”

It was a bit of a struggle, but after a minute I had waddled Maggie to a smaller seat next to the counter. We positioned her sideways, so her large stomach wasn’t in the way so much.

“Let’s take a closer look, then,” I stated, opening the container and carefully taking out a small tube. I positioned it under the microscope and peeked through the lens.

“Well? Well? What does it look like?” Maggie spurred on.

“They are…normal looking. There’s nothing strange at all about them…” I sighed in disappointment. At the very least I had hoped to have witnessed something different like with the sperm cells.

Maggie motioned for me to give her the microscope. “Let me see that,” she said as she carefully shifted herself leaning sideways on the table. After half a minute, she also sighed and looked up.

“If there is anything different about them, it’s not visible from the outside… Any ideas?”
I thought for a bit before doing it – but I must confess I had already known what I wanted to do since before coming to work. I stood up, unbuckled and freed my swelling prick, inches from Maggie.

“B-Bill! I mean, well not that I mind, but…” Maggie stopped briefly, then her eyes widened in realization. “Oh Bill, that IS smart. Ooh, it’s naughty, but smart! A dirty mind is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?”

Skilfully she popped her uniform open and unhooked her bra, throwing them on the ground. I loved the sight of those huge tits of hers. Her darkened, puffy areola had a soft shine to them; her nipples were slowly stiffening. With her left hand she caressed her heavy, round belly, then she lowered her arm, moved her maternity pants out of the way and dipped two fingers in her pussy.

“Ohh… It’s so good to be naked…” she moaned – as if she hadn’t been practically naked already. “Let it out all over me, Bill… Mark me with your thick, hot seed!”

I don’t know why I did it, I suppose I wasn’t thinking about it, but I came up close and pressed the head of my big dick against her lips. All too eagerly she grabbed it with her free hand and guided it into her mouth, licking and sucking it greedily. I softly pressed her round, tight belly, feeling her babies squirm and kick, making her stomach bulge outwards. God, it was such a turn-on for me.

Maggie suddenly surged her head forward, forcing in as much of my cock as she could. Her tongue flicked my shaft while she sucked me off hard – one hand playing with my balls now – as she fingered her sopping vagina faster and faster. I felt my dick grow, and yet she kept it in her mouth, trying to take it ever deeper. Tears appeared in the corners of her eyes, and for a moment I worried, until I saw the expression of arousal and lust with which she pleased me. Her cheeks were red and her tits had visibly swollen – she was so pretty, so pregnant, so HORNY!

Almost violently I pulled my dick out before it grew too large. Maggie gasped hard, her belly rising up and down with each long breath she drew.

“Oh God, I’m cumming Bill… It’s your big, fat COCK that geh….gets m-me…Oh…Ooh BILL!” With that the heavily pregnant nurse swung her head back and orgasmed. Her swollen tits wobbled with her convulsions, shiny nipples poking up fully erect. Her large belly shook left and right, babies visibly active and kicking. It was too much for me to handle and I blasted my load all over her, unloading huge globs of semen on her face, her tits, and her oh-so seductive belly. Maggie looked obscene, swollen with SO many children, dripping with SO much sperm.

“Oooh… I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of that…” Maggie grinned as she cupped her heavy breasts and started licking cum from them. I could get hard again in seconds just by looking at her.

“Well, you hung stud, better get a sample and introduce your seed to the eggs!”

After cleaning up and ‘collecting’ the seed from Maggie (and mopping the floor when all was said and done) we were ready to add my seed to the ova. I don’t think I had been this excited about doing research since my uni days. I had adjusted the microscope three times to get it just right.

“I’m actually nervous, can you imagine?” I smiled, peeking through the lens. “I have the mother’s ova in the center of my vision. Let’s introduce a small dose of seed, shall we?”

Maggie had prepared a syringe containing my sperm and handed it to me. Holding my breath I gently pushed a small amount – a few thousand or so – onto the lab dish.

“As expected, they are going all over the place without sense of direction,” I muttered. Sure they were bigger and faster, pointier heads, but we had already determined those aspects months ago.

“Wait, their behaviour is changing…” As soon as a couple of sperm had touched the egg cell the other sperm actually turned towards it. “My God, Maggie, look! They are all following the sperms that initially interacted with the ovum!”

Maggie reached over, not without some groaning, and peered into the microscope, sitting sideways. Her heavy belly was resting on my thighs and I rubbed it absentmindedly.

“It’s like they communicate their location! They rallied the troops! Oh – this is exciting. How do you think they are doing that? Pheromones? Some sort of weak electric field?”

“I’ve got to see more, Maggie, for my report. Come on, please…” I had to pry her from the microscope before I could study this phenomenon once more. By then the egg cell was swarmed, completely surrounded by hundreds of aggressive sperm. It was being hit hard from all sides, poked and prodded, as the sperm grubbed and dug against it.

“It won’t take them long to breach the ovum…but how will this prevent polyspermy?” I thought out loud, still looking through the glass.

“What’s polyspermy?” Maggie asked, trying to peek over my shoulder.

“It’s when multiple sperm enter one ovum… genetically it creates a problem with chromosomes, which is why a fertilized cell, a zygote, hardens quickly; to prevent other sperm from entering.”

As if on cue, the egg cell began to behave differently now. On all sides the outer layer seemed to wobble and soften, strangely allowing the sperm to dig deeper. Then – so quick I almost missed it – the ovum split into two, redirecting the attention of the sperm.

“Oh I’ve got to video this later… the ovum just SPLIT, Maggie!” I gasped, glued to the microscope. The sperm were hammering the two ova, and after another minute one broke through.

“One ovum is being fertilized, the sperm almost completely…” I stopped, amazed at yet another thing that happened. Before the sperm was in, another bore after it through the same opening – then another… Three sperm entered one ovum before I witnessed the outer layer hardened.

“Three sperm entered one ovum, which will likely cause polyspermy and kill the zygote. Is that why it split? To allow for survival?” My mind raced as I spoke, raced against everything that happened just now, which I had thought impossible. A minute later the other ovum was breached, but by one sperm only before hardening.

After thirty minutes I concluded nothing new was happening immediately, but there was something I wanted to confirm still.

“Alright, so one ovum got fertilized by multiple sperm, the other just by one,” I stretched my arms, weary from looking down so long. “Splitting ova seems like a defensive mechanism to survive the hyper aggressive sperm cells, but I’ve never heard of it happening before fertilization. Maggie, let’s test the daughter’s egg cell next.”

“Think they are affected differently?” Maggie said as she upheaved herself, then grabbed the container with donated ova. “I guess you’re right, the younger the women are here, the bigger the chance they carry multiples… Oof, talking of bigger, my belly’s in the way…”

I reached sideways – not noticing my chair was tipping – and fell face-first into Maggie’s cleavage. I could catch my fall by holding the table; luckily I didn’t press on her belly very hard. The moment broke our concentration and we simply broke out in laughter; I reassuringly stroke Maggie’s big belly, feeling it shake and move with her laughs.

“S-sorry Maggie… When alone later I’ll duplicate the results and record them; my colleagues at Mellon Institute will want to see this!”

“M-melon institute!” Maggie snickered, her laughs high pitched giggles as she squeezed her own ‘melons’ to drive her point home. “Ha ha ha! Y-you work for MELONS! Oh, that’s rich! You’d do ANYTHING for melons, wouldn’t you Billy? Ha ha! Ow, my sides!”

A minute or so went by before we composed ourselves again. With three new ova from 10-year-old Ellie we were ready to try this again. I wanted to use multiple eggs this time to give them a chance against the sperms’ attack.

“Let’s see what will happen now,” I mumbled, peeking through the microscope once more. The sperm were added to the Petri dish, and like before they didn’t know what to do with themselves. The three egg cells were clustered close together and left alone for now. When the first few sperm touched them it happened like before: the other sperm faced their targets and with great efficiency began to swim towards them. Not long after the ‘attack’ commenced.

“So far everything’s the same,” I muttered, more to myself than to Maggie. “No real signs of the eggs splitting. Maybe because there are multiple eggs alre- no, wait!”

One of the ova softened, wobbled and, indeed, split again. Then, like a chain reaction, so did the others! There we six egg cells now, dividing the bombardment equally. I stared in awe, and within a minute one sperm entered one – with another sperm following. This happened for almost all of the eggs; multiple sperm entered one egg to become fertilized.

“To keep up with the increased aggression all the eggs split into two. This is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of that happening! Even so, five ova now run the risk of polyspermy...”

“Are you saying they’re not up to the challenge?” Maggie’s voice sounded almost disappointed.
“It appears like that. There are just too ma- wait, something’s happening again.”

One of the fertilized eggs – which had taken in three sperm cells – was isolating itself from the other five. Then it changed: slow but steady, over the course of a minute, it split into two zygotes. Then one split again, making THREE separate zygotes. I looked up to face Maggie, who was holding her breath in anticipation.

“Incredible…they split before AND after fertilization! Maybe the younger ovum can do so more effectively? Maybe that’s why the younger generation of women gets so overly pregnant…”

My mind was reeling from the discovery, and I moved away from the microscope at last. There was now verifiable evidence of a genetic change in fertility, which, paired with my earlier report, could lead to a scientific breakthrough in standards of infertility treatments – at the least!

“It’s almost impossible,” I uttered my thoughts in continuation, “to get such an accurate genetic reaction without years and years of experimentation. That preacher Daniels can’t have done this by himself… He’s got to have an entire team, one that’s worked on this for decades!”

“I’m guessing Daniels is the source of all this…this genetic tampering that affected us. But he’s long gone, fled the county, you said!” Maggie leaned back in the desk chair, stroking her swollen abdomen, puffing out short breaths. She then winced, closing her eyes as she clutched her sides.

“Ow, ow… I need to lie down… I’m sorry, Bill, I’m tired now. All this excitement has been a bit too much. Could you…?”

Smiling I grabbed her hands, purposely looking at her tits, muttering “melons” again to make her laugh.

“Alright, I’ll have one of the nurses get you home safely, before I continue the research. I’m calling it the ‘Fertile Valley Report’. What do you think?”

Maggie groaned while hoisting herself out of the chair, then tiredly smiled. “The FVR – has a ring to it alright. What a report this is turning out to be, eh?"

Author's note: This chapter kept growing so much in length that I decided to end it here. Originally I had intended for the USG to end the chapter, with a spicy scene, but that'll have to be the opening of the next chapter now. Therefore this chapter focuses more on the "science" behind the fertility in the valley rather than having an elaborate sex scene. The title, too, was changed to reflect the content.

Many thanks for your patience, kind words, and feedback. There are too many ideas to work with - as a writer that's good, but I must be selective. I apologize if not everyone's wishes are in the narrative.

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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Whitechimera » Tue Sep 20, 2016 4:09 am

Loved it!!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby falloutghoul » Tue Sep 20, 2016 7:28 am


To be honest, I was expecting more members of the McKenzie family to be present than just three, but what I got out of it, it was still worth it.
Also, poor Meagan's gonna burst by the end of this. :lol:

Looking forward to reading more!
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Whitechimera » Wed Sep 21, 2016 6:37 am

Will there now very pregnant teacher be making another appearance?
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Wed Sep 21, 2016 7:50 pm

Thank you all, for the kind words. I am glad this chapter proves enjoyable, despite it having more scientific jargon.
Whitechimera wrote:Will there now very pregnant teacher be making another appearance?

I intend to have miss Claire return once, but not as a main focal point - and likely in a later chapter.

On a side note: I'm having trouble replying to my post on pregchan. I get a "Forbidden" message, which didn't happen before. Could someone be so kind as to post on my behalf, with the link of chapter 16? Feel free to stay anonymous.
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