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Continuation of Fertile Valley

Create and share pregnant fantasies here.

Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Bryce101 » Wed Sep 21, 2016 8:41 pm

GeForce wrote:Thank you all, for the kind words. I am glad this chapter proves enjoyable, despite it having more scientific jargon.
Whitechimera wrote:Will there now very pregnant teacher be making another appearance?

I intend to have miss Claire return once, but not as a main focal point - and likely in a later chapter.

On a side note: I'm having trouble replying to my post on pregchan. I get a "Forbidden" message, which didn't happen before. Could someone be so kind as to post on my behalf, with the link of chapter 16? Feel free to stay anonymous.

Let me tell you it is awesome that you responded to that. I thought youd leave it up in the air for a surprise next chapter. I applaud you for answering such a question and giving us that to look forward to.

Of course you guys already know Im looking forward to the return of Jenny Lee and now that its reared its head, Im curious to see how much of a role Maggie continues to play in this. For Jenny Lee they exchanged phone numbers and its been a few months. It can be assumed that she has inflated quite a bit. For Maggie shes already nearing bed-ridden territory but I dropped on over to preg-chan to read the comments and I see that youve said thats taking away the fun. I agree. The challenge now will be how can you describe these bellies, keep it believable and keep interest? I noticed a bit of shying away from describing Maggies belly and I would assume its getting harder as they get larger. For instance, youve used "overinflated beach ball". I dont think people would like to see that used again since you used it once and Im not too sure anyone would be happy with you just settling with explaining it stuck a few feet in front of her. It seems like when all is said and done Maggie will be lucky if her belly isnt touching the ground when shes standing but her just walking around would probably have Bill climaxing on her belly. I also noticed that she climaxed very fast in this one. You did mention a sex scene next chapter. Maybe its with her? Or maybe its a massive orgy since it is called "Battle of the Bellies and Boobs". Ever read Pregnant Workout?
Sounds kinda like the next chap will be like the ending of this where all the ladies threw themselves at him.

Of course Im not the writer and Im enjoying the series and where youre taking it. From my POV you have a bit of a challenge there as the bellies get larger and larger but Im sure youre more than up to it. I applaud you for even trying and cant wait to see how this turns out.

On other variants of the pregnant fetish, they knocked you for the cum inflation. I quite liked it. To each their own. I have a few ideas for incorporating other fetishes into it. Maybe Bill could walk in on his wife or any other massive preggo working out, pregnant dancing, stuffing their face or burping? That one is easy enough and a myriad of fetishes could be slid into the "Bill walks into the room to find" scenario. Also I noticed that a lot of people love water breaking. I wouldn't be surprised if Bill induced Maggie's labor later on down the road. Maybe she's massively overdue and calls him over to her house then "throws it at him" to induce her labor? Seeing as how shes going on maternity leave that isnt so far-fetched. Or maybe he walks in on some other ladies working out to induce their labor? Its already been said that the ladies go beyond full turn anyway so the whole 'induce labor' plot could be very interesting in and of itself. And a final note, Im surprised that Maggie didnt lose control and spray breast milk everywhere when she climaxed. That seems to find its way into a lot of erotic fiction these days. Maybe itll happen later on? Im sure we havent seen the last of Maggie. I wouldnt be surprised if shes in every chapter someway somehow and still hasnt given birth by the final chapter.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Whitechimera » Thu Oct 06, 2016 3:02 am

Neeeeeeeed next chapter <3
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby IHaveTheQi » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:39 am

^Agreed, this is incredible work and it would be a crying shame if it died without resolving.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Whitechimera » Sun Oct 23, 2016 2:41 pm

Please don't let this be dead.....
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Mon Oct 24, 2016 12:30 am

Dear all,

In between writing (and, mostly, life intervening) I come here and check sometimes to see if any comments or so have been made. Allow me to put some thoughts at ease: this story is not dead - but it is not progressing fast, either.

My work has taken precedence and has grown in workload, which is why I have not finished the next chapter yet. As many people have said before, it's better to take longer and maintain quality of writing than rushing things at the cost of (reading) pleasure.

It is likely that updates will be slow - once every two months - unless a free moment presents itself in which I can devote more time to writing.

A little teaser, then, to finish off with: the next chapter will involve some erotic competitiveness between Peggy, Maggie and Meagan - as well as a rather dramatic shift of focus near the end of the chapter, in order to complete the narrative satisfactory. Stay curious, and thank you all for your patience.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby Mixful » Mon Oct 24, 2016 2:18 am

GeForce wrote:Dear all,

In between writing (and, mostly, life intervening) I come here and check sometimes to see if any comments or so have been made. Allow me to put some thoughts at ease: this story is not dead - but it is not progressing fast, either.

My work has taken precedence and has grown in workload, which is why I have not finished the next chapter yet. As many people have said before, it's better to take longer and maintain quality of writing than rushing things at the cost of (reading) pleasure.

It is likely that updates will be slow - once every two months - unless a free moment presents itself in which I can devote more time to writing.

A little teaser, then, to finish off with: the next chapter will involve some erotic competitiveness between Peggy, Maggie and Meagan - as well as a rather dramatic shift of focus near the end of the chapter, in order to complete the narrative satisfactory. Stay curious, and thank you all for your patience.
Take your time and please don't rush it this is one of the best erotic stories I have read and you are doing a great job with it. Don't feel pressured by people who constantly ask when the next chapter will be out we can all wait and for those who can't well...that's too bad for them.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby IHaveTheQi » Mon Oct 24, 2016 3:42 am

GeForce wrote:Dear all,

In between writing (and, mostly, life intervening) I come here and check sometimes to see if any comments or so have been made. Allow me to put some thoughts at ease: this story is not dead - but it is not progressing fast, either.

My work has taken precedence and has grown in workload, which is why I have not finished the next chapter yet. As many people have said before, it's better to take longer and maintain quality of writing than rushing things at the cost of (reading) pleasure.

It is likely that updates will be slow - once every two months - unless a free moment presents itself in which I can devote more time to writing.

A little teaser, then, to finish off with: the next chapter will involve some erotic competitiveness between Peggy, Maggie and Meagan - as well as a rather dramatic shift of focus near the end of the chapter, in order to complete the narrative satisfactory. Stay curious, and thank you all for your patience.

Of course. I didn't meant to come across as pressuring you - I just didn't want this fantastic story of yours to die out before it's finished. Take all the time you need
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby falloutghoul » Mon Oct 24, 2016 10:09 am

GeForce wrote:Dear all,

In between writing (and, mostly, life intervening) I come here and check sometimes to see if any comments or so have been made. Allow me to put some thoughts at ease: this story is not dead - but it is not progressing fast, either.

My work has taken precedence and has grown in workload, which is why I have not finished the next chapter yet. As many people have said before, it's better to take longer and maintain quality of writing than rushing things at the cost of (reading) pleasure.

It is likely that updates will be slow - once every two months - unless a free moment presents itself in which I can devote more time to writing.

A little teaser, then, to finish off with: the next chapter will involve some erotic competitiveness between Peggy, Maggie and Meagan - as well as a rather dramatic shift of focus near the end of the chapter, in order to complete the narrative satisfactory. Stay curious, and thank you all for your patience.

You can't rush quality. :)
"What are you looking at, smooth-skin?" -Ghoul, Fallout game series.
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby KnightOfZero » Wed Oct 26, 2016 2:22 am

Do I come to this site multiple times per week to check on this story? Yes
Am I okay with waiting because I know the finished product will be worth the wait? Hell yes

Keep doing what you do best, turning out a magnificent product. We can reread old chapters while we wait :)
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Re: Continuation of Fertile Valley

Postby GeForce » Wed Nov 09, 2016 8:38 pm

Chapter 17 Battle of Boobs and Bellies

The day for the ultrasound had finally come. After having duplicated and recorded my research results the day before, working many hours even after Maggie had left, there were no further duties to distract me. I was excited – very excited – to find out how pregnant my wife and daughters were.

Debbie and Dee were all bubbly since waking up, and couldn’t stop bouncing about the entire trip to the hospital, rubbing each other’s bellies, poking their breasts, making silly predictions (going up to as many as fifty babies inside them) and laughing profoundly. Melissa laughed along but seemed perfectly content sitting still, her swollen stomach nestled comfortably in between her legs – occasionally wobbling when we drove over road bumps. Meagan was so big she hadn’t been able to hop into the backseat without help; her sisters pulled her in as I pushed her plump, cushiony butt from the back. It was crazy how fast her tiny 10-year-old body had turned voluptuous; she had matured REALLY well in her breasts, hips and butt. It was an amazing contrast with her tiny figure and innocent, childish visage.

The only ones not in the car were my sons and the oldest twins, Julie and Jenny. Adam was sick and stayed in bed, the rest had gone to school an hour earlier. Good thing, too, as everyone needed to adjust and recline the seats, accommodating for their added girth.

“Now remember girls, we’ll go from oldest to youngest, so no fighting who gets checked first. And NO misbehaving at the doctor’s! Is that clear?” Peggy had laid down the ground rules since last night, and any disobedience would mean going straight back to school.

“Yes mommy,” the girls sang in chorus, whispering and giggling together, all attention at their bellies.

Bringing my daughters to the maternity ward was like bringing them to the zoo. As soon as we parked the car and walked (or waddled) through the entrance, my girls gasped in awe at all the expecting women. They had never seen so MANY young, pregnant women and girls together in one room, of course. The usual morning bustle had them enthralled: a pregnant girl, barely eighteen, was shoving a swollen nipple in her baby’s face. On the right sat a couple of triplets, all three due and ready to burst with their own set of triplets. In front of them sat a lady with breasts the size of pumpkins, lactating so uncontrollably her shirt was completely soaked. There were many more unique situations playing out in front of us; my girls simply didn’t know where to look.

“So this is what you see at work every day, huh daddy?” Melissa teased, her head turning this way and that. “No wonder you like pregnant girls so much!”

“Now don’t tease your father like that, young lady,” Peggy spoke harshly, embarrassed at her daughter’s comments. “Let’s just sit down while waiting for our turn – there, some seats in front, off you go!”

As the girls hobbled to the free bench in the very front, helping the youngest two to walk, Peggy turned to me and sighed deeply. “Good God, Bill, I don’t know what it is, but my hormones… I’m actually aroused wondering how pregnant I am. How VERY pregnant I must be, Bill, so pregnant I’ll put most women here to shame…”

As if I didn’t have enough trouble keeping my penis in check, what with my own excitement, my lustful wife was really putting me to the test. “Soon we’ll know, honey, and at home we ca-“

“I don’t know if I can wait ‘till we’re home, Bill,” Peggy interrupted, grabbing my arm, “I don’t think our girls can wait either. Especially Meagan, Bill. I’ve seen the look in her eyes, and if what you said yesterday is true…”

I had told my wife, of course, of my research: that the younger the women were, the stronger the fertility effects would be. Peggy was right: I had not failed to notice the seductive glances my daughters –specifically Meagan – were giving me; looking over their shoulders, winking at me and twirling their hair; all behaviour made worse by the inhibitor compounds in their food. Even when they were properly dressed – Peggy had made damn sure of that – their heavily pregnant bodies radiated desire, and nothing in the world could stop their lustful eyes from wandering.

With Peggy’s words still lingering in my mind (and an itch in my groin) I went to the counter and talked to Betty, the receptionist. It would almost be our turn, perhaps in ten minutes, so I sat down in between my wife and my youngest daughter. It didn’t take long for Meagan to start her little game of seduction, as after a few seconds I already felt her hand brushing against my leg, slowly going for my crotch. When I turned my head to look at her, I saw she was looking straight ahead – but her face was flustered and her breathing had quickened. Her large belly heaved up and down, and perhaps I was imagining it, but her breasts seemed to press tighter against her maternity dress.

“You can’t do this in public sweetheart,” I leaned in and muttered softly, “no matter what you’ve seen other people do.”

“Oh, but daddy...” she whispered sexily, her voice wavering in between audible breaths, “I’m…I’m so HORNY daddy. I see these women and think how much sex they had, how many babies they made, how PREGNANT they are… it just makes me soooo horny…”

My daughter was shifting her legs uneasily now, squishing her breasts in between her arms as she rubbed her pregnant figure. Little whimpers escaped from her lips as she crossed her feet, and she continued:

“Oh, oh…daddy I want you… I NEED you…don’t you want little Meagan too?” She had closed her eyes and began to slip one hand under her dome-shaped belly, when her mother caught on.

“Meagan?” she said softly, but sharp. Immediately Meagan straightened up and stopped, leaving only her rapid breath to heave her glorious tits up and down. I glanced back at my wife and saw that her face, too, had reddened – though I didn’t know whether from embarrassment or arousal.

Luckily we were called soon after, and thus Peggy, Diedre, Debbie, Melissa and Meagan followed me and a nurse to the obstetric gynaecologist, subsiding the elevated emotions a bit. Little did I know how much they would elevate shortly...

“Alright y’all, welcome –hiya, Bill - have a seat here, sweet-pies,” I knew the doctor, Iris. She was an older woman, which felt like a good choice for this line of work: enough hormones went haywire in this place, so it was better to have someone who could cool things down.

“This ‘ere now ‘s the second time we meet, right miss Peggy? Les'see if we have a bit mo’ luck this time ‘round.”

The room was comfortably large, having five wide, cushioned seats and quite some space to walk – undoubtedly designed with all the large bellies passing through in mind. As I helped the girls sit down, Iris directed Peggy onto the bed and asked her to lift up her maternity dress.

Despite having seen my wife pregnant five times before, the sight of that big, beautiful belly had me in awe once again. She was six months along and as she already looked due with twins, she was definitely carrying MORE. I detected a few stretchmarks, faint tracks of whitened skin, where her belly met her pubic bone. Some of her skin had scar tissue from when she had expanded during previous pregnancies, but it didn’t matter to me in the least. She was big, she was beautiful, she was my queen.

When Iris applied the gel on her belly Peggy gasped softly, and a bump shortly appeared as her babies reacted to the touch, causing her to giggle. Our four daughters looked on with great interest.

“Yer a lot bigger now, so it may be easier t’see how many ‘r bakin’ in there,” Iris chuckled as she reached for the transducer probe. “This may feel a bit cold hun,” Iris said in a soothing tone. Peggy simply nodded, nervously biting her lip. For a moment our eyes met, and I spotted a mixture of excitement and panic in her expression. I nodded at my wife and smiled, trying to reassure her.

“Mmm,” the doctor looked at the screen now – all of us were following it intently. “Kiddos have positioned themselves nicely, Peggy, Much mo’ easier now. One babe…that’s number two…”
We were all holding our breath now, glued to the screen with the slowly moving, grey blobs that turned into recognizable shapes.

“…There, that’s three. Hidin’ behind number one, now ain’t that cheeky? Hold it, gotta turn to yer side. Three… Four, that’s four! You’ve got four…no, there’s FIVE! Them cuddlin’ almost. Lessee… no more. Yer bakin’ five buns in the oven, hun, praise the Lord!”

Peggy’s eyes widened upon hearing this. Silently she mouthed “five?” to me, her hands holding her stomach in motherly protection. The girls were gasping; Dee cooed a ‘wow’. Iris laughed sympathetically, running the transducer probe over Peggy’s swollen abdomen.

“Dear, with them all crowdin’ around I can’t surely say which un’s a boy or a girl, but they’re developing nicely. Judging by their size I’mma guess yer about 22 weeks along? Maybe 23. Good thang you was a twinner before, it’ll help with the quints’ growth.”

“H-how much more…I mean, h-how BIG…” Peggy started, red, wide-eyed and breathless.

“That varies, hun, from woman to woman,” Iris smiled lovingly, softly patting my wife’s dome. “Safe to say you’ll need help gettin’ round in a month or so. Prolly won’t sit at tables anymore too – you’ll have a table of yer own! You doin’ exercise? Swimming?” Peggy nodded. “Good, keep that up and yer back won’t crack under the load. Now, whose next?”

“I am! I’m the oldest, so I am!” Dee excitingly jumped up –boobs and belly shaking – and almost ran into doctor Iris. Her twin pouted, “just by a few hours…” and crossed her arms when Dee stuck out her tongue. Peggy was too absorbed in thought to notice or she certainly would’ve said something about it. Instead she sat down to me, stroking her large circumference, and looked me in the eye.

“Five babies…Bill, five more children…” my wife, the beautiful, pregnant muse, looked at me worryingly. “How big was I with Meagan and Lis? They were our heaviest. Over 60 inches for sure… Bill, I’m gonna be REAL big… I’ll be absolutely HUGE!”

Then, with a sudden, wry smile, she whispered, “If you couldn’t keep your hands off me then, you’ll be glued to me now, Bill. Honey, I’m almost as big as I was back then, but with three more months to grow…” Peggy’s eyes went to my pants and – you guessed it – witnessed my own growth. She knew me all too well, of course; imagining her getting bigger, perhaps even bigger than Maggie, was a thought my horny mind could not – WOULD not resist.

Dee had trouble lying still, wanting to have a good view of the screen when the doctor was putting the probe on her belly, but eventually Iris concluded she was having triplets; two boys and one girl were steadily growing inside of her.

“Their size is good for 17 or 18 weeks ‘long, though one of dem boys is a little on the small side. But with young-uns like yerself, strong ‘n healthy, He’ll catch up in no time, mah dearie. Next one!”

Triumphantly Dee stood up and walked back, just as her twin sister stood up for her turn. Instead of waddling to her seat, Dee went past Melissa and Meagan, her hand sliding over their distended, round figures, then lifted her dress up in front of me.

“See daddy? I’m having triples! That’s why I already look like this!”

Triplets, honey, a-and yes, I can see you’ve… grown…quite a bit,” I stammered, shifting in my seat, trying to keep my dick in check.

“You sit down now, missy, or I’ll get school to pick you up!” Peggy hissed, noticeably annoyed at her daughter’s flirtatious attitude. Grinning, Dee sat down again, but she kept her belly exposed, rubbing it slowly in circular motions, eyeing me the entire time.

As fate would have it, Debbie turned out to be carrying triplets as well. Two girls and one boy, and she was roughly 17 weeks gone too. The twins saw this as a sign of some sort, of course. Even as it was Melissa’s turn, and I helped her to the bed (her belly was almost as large as her mother’s) the twins couldn’t stop giggling and prodding each other’s stomachs, yelping in joy when they felt a flutter.

“Alright sweet-pie, now ye gotta move yer bewbs to dem sides – can’t feel the top of y’belly otherwise. Thassit, right.” Iris lifted Melissa’s dress and rubbed the cold gel over her large belly; Melissa yelped and then laughed. Like with Peggy, the sight of her twinner-dome had me enthralled, and I switched positions trying to accommodate for my growing member.

“Judgin’ by yer size, sweetie, yer cookin’ more than yer sisters,” once more came the probing device, “let’s find them all. There, one…two. Three – lemme shift to the side here sweetcake – there, four…four… and down low, number five! My oh my, the Lord blessed you like He blessed y’momma! Five buns’ a bakin’!”

Dee and Deb clapped and whistled at this, even as Peggy and I exchanged glances of bewilderment. Melissa’s face had lit up in pride. In fact, as she slowly sat up, adjusting her EE-cup bra, she gave a smug look. It wasn’t until then that I realized it would be Meagan’s turn next – and that she had been awfully quiet the entire time. She had closed her eyes, hands resting on her belly, like she was asleep.

“Now ‘scuse me for I gotta go to the ladies,” Iris stated matter-of-fact like, “so much excitement at my age ‘n the ol’ nature starts to call!” With that she left in a trod. The girls immediately took this moment to laugh and talk loudly.

“Three young-uns, daddy!” Debbie pointed at her stomach, “Triplets just like Dee! I’m sure they’re yours, daddy – I’m carrying YOUR triplets…” My dick twitched affirmatively upon hearing that.

“Cut that out, Debbie,” Peggy warned, but apart from Meagan the girls weren’t listening anymore.

“I bet you’re pregnant from Peter, Dee,” Debbie continued, “You’ve been doing him every day!”

“Well I’m BIGGER than you two,” Melissa started, squeezing her tits, “My bewbs too, so I am the winner!”

“It’s not a race, stupid!” Dee chirped, poking her sister in the chest, “with your big fat tits!”
“Girls! Final warning!” Peggy spoke a bit louder, to no avail.

Debbie continued, “Yea, pregnant with qui-q-queens! I bet it was Bobby who fucked you and knocked you up, you slut!”

“THAT’S IT!” Peggy shouted, standing up, grasping my shoulder for support. “I warned you girls. What would happen if you’d misbehave?”

All of a sudden my daughters were quiet as mice, looking up at their mother with guilty looks on their faces. they had become regular, naughty children again, facing an angry mother who caught them in the act.

“B-but mommy, they started it!” Melissa tried.

“No buts, Lisa! You could’ve stayed quiet, but did you? I’m calling school to pick you girls up. That’s what you get for that bragging and… and that language!”

No matter how much the girls pleaded and moaned – even trying to persuade me by clinging to my arms, pressing their tits against me – Peggy didn’t budge and had contacted school in no time. It was a quality in my wife I greatly admired; her ability to stick with her decisions, no matter how cumbersome they would be. A short flash of anger came over me when I remembered how she hadn’t enforced the girls to keep using the pill, and that we now lived with the consequences – but I also remembered how weak I had been for them, and how, ultimately, Peggy and I both had decided it was nobody’s fault but the valley’s.

Impressively, somehow Peggy had managed to get one of the nurses to take the (now wailing) Dee, Deb and Melissa to a different room, waiting for the school bus to come and pick them up. I suppose the nurse had understood the harshness in Peggy’s voice, and didn’t want to risk arguing with a mother in heat. This left us with Meagan only, who, despite opening her eyes when Peggy confronted her sisters, had remained quiet. Admittedly, I was worried: was she sick? Something on her mind? Her face was red, perhaps she had come down with the flu?

Finally, after ten minutes more (how long could someone stay in the bathroom?) the door opened again. Imagine my surprise when the first thing appearing was – a large orb?

“Alright then, so whose ne-” the voice did not belong to miss Iris. Instead, in waddled heavily pregnant, busty nurse Maggie. Upon seeing me, she stopped in her tracks.

“Bill! You were scheduled for today? I thought this weekend!” she exclaimed, closing the door. She remained there, puffing a bit, leaning against the handle for support.

“No, it was today, Maggie,” I started, before being interrupted by my wife.

“Oh so THIS is Maggie, huh?” there was a certain shrillness to Peggy’s voice. I closed my eyes. Stupid! Of course, Peggy had not ever been to my office, let alone actually meet the nurse. I wondered if this would end well…

If Maggie noticed the sarcastic sting in Peggy’s voice, she didn’t show it. “And you must be Peggy, Bill’s wife! Oomph – nice to finally meet you.” Maggie heaved herself forward to offer her hand, but Peggy still had to stand up to shake it – and stabilize the bloated nurse while she was at it.

“My, you’re absolutely enormous, dear,” Peggy mused, “how many are cooped up in there?” It was said as much out of curiosity as it was a mean jab. Rivalry hung thick in the air.

“Six. I’m carrying sextuplets, I just entered my third trimester.” Maggie groaned, propping her hands in the small of her back as she made for the chair near the ultrasound machine. “But it looks like you’re well on your way, too, Peg! May I call you Peg?” Maggie winked at me, apparently unfazed by Peggy’s animosity.

“Daddy? Who is that pregnant lady?” finally Meagan spoke up – her eyes were wide open and focused on Maggie’s swollen figure. Peggy sat back down next to Meagan, her expression sharp and dangerous. If looks could kill…

“Eh, that is my colleague, nurse Maggie,” I explained, “who helps me with my research from time to time.”

“She is really HUGE daddy. Is she carrying your babies too?” hearing that Maggie snorted and burst into laughter.

“Heavens, no, dear! Not everyone in this valley is knocked up by your dad!” Maggie chuckled, then, realizing how awkward that must’ve sounded, she quickly changed topic: “Erm, anyway, Iris was called away to help with a difficult delivery, and asked me to take over. I know, I can’t do much looking like this,” Maggie gestured downwards, “but an IUG I can manage. Eh, aren’t there supposed to be three more girls?”

Peggy sighed at this, scowled, and scratched around her bellybutton. With a cold tone she answered, “I sent them out just now. They were misbehaving, so it’s just us three now.”

“Well, let’s get started then! Is it your turn, young lady?” Maggie turned to Meagan, who nodded silently and, with a little help from me, stood up and waddled to the bed.

“Lie down pumpkin. What’s your name?” Maggie asked soothingly, prepping the machine.

“I’m Meagan, and I’m ten years old,” my girl smiled brightly now, “I’m carrying my daddy’s babies!”

Peggy buried her face in her palms; I exhaled nervously, looking blankly at the wall.

“R-really?” Maggie looked up at me, grinning with a cheeky look on her face, “I guess your daddy loves you very much, huh?”

“Yes, he does! He loves to see me grow bigger, that’s why I’m so HUGE right now. And I’m gonna get even BIGGER, in my tummy and my TITS!” Meagan proudly moved her shoulders, wiggling her big breasts. Both Peggy and I had turned completely red in shame. Compared to her sisters Meagan turned out to be the most embarrassing – even if it was said to busty -slut- Maggie!

“I can see you are growing quite well, huh Meagan?” Maggie laughed and patted her own dome. “Shall we take a look then how many are growing inside of you?”

With a ‘yay’ and a smile, it was finally time for Meagan’s IUG. Maggie had to position herself sideways, what with her own protruding belly in the way too much otherwise.

When little Meagan lifted her triple-XL maternity dress, even Peggy gasped at the sight of our daughter’s massively pregnant figure. Her belly stuck out MUCH further than her mother’s, over one-and-a-half feet at least. Starting right below her ribcage, the swell of her tummy went almost immediately outward, sloping upwards to her popped navel, which stuck out like a round marble, before smoothly sloping down like a round, shiny beach ball. With each breath Meagan drew her taut, smooth belly bobbed up and down, and sometimes a small bulge appeared where her babies were kicking. She was SO big – so insanely PREGNANT, I was beginning to think Meagan would get as big as Maggie. I was shifting left and right in my seat, trying to adjust my erect penis in my pants. Peggy had noticed, of course, and I wasn’t imagining seeing her aroused by that.

“Good lord girl, you are HUGE, aren’t you? Your dad sure did a number on you, didn’t he?” Even Maggie was impressed. “Okay - this will feel cold a bit, pumpkin,” Maggie purred, applying the cool gel on my daughter’s hugely swollen abdomen. Meagan yipped; her eyes transfixed on the nurse’s breasts.

“Well, are you ready?” Again, Meagan nodded. Her breath had quickened again, cheeks blushing – I got the distinct feeling Meagan wanted to be the absolute biggest amongst her sisters. It was an idea that got me more excited, if my pulsing dick was any indication. Maggie gently brought the transducer probe to Meagan’s belly and softly pressed it against her skin – causing Meagan to gasp slightly. Peggy grabbed my hand and we both held our breath in anticipation. How knocked up would our youngest girl be?

“There is a lot of amniotic fluid…” Maggie started, slowly moving the tubular probe about. “It happens sometimes in women with multiples, more fluid is stored in the amniotic sac. Don’t worry, it’s not very risky, though it does explain Meagan’s large abdominal size,” Maggie flashed a reassuring smile at Peggy and me.

“It makes finding the babies a li-i-ittle trickier…Ah, that’s one!” Maggie brought the probe to the top of Meagan’s belly, who giggled in response. “Two and three, near your bellybutton, playing football!” Maggie winked to Meagan now, pointing at the screen. Sure enough, two grey foetus shapes were moving around; they must’ve been the ones to cause her stomach to bulge earlier. I couldn’t help but suddenly feel proud and fatherly, despite knowing it had been my wanting cock that led to my daughter’s swollen abundance.

“To the side…that’s four, such a sleepyhead…” as Maggie moved the probe to the lower part of Meagan’s stomach, her jaw slowly dropped. “…Five, oh my goodness… S-six…”

My heart was pounding; my hand tightly clutching my wife’s, who squeezed mine in return. Meagan was pregnant with six babies? Sextuplets like Maggie? Meagan’s eyes were ablaze with excitement, her breath more rapid than before.

“On the right – wait,” Maggie pulled a bit closer to my daughter, carefully pushing my daughter’s stomach up a bit so she could reach her other side. Meagan gasped – a big bulge appeared at her navel where the two footballers competed for more space. “N-now then… seven, fuck… and above that is…no, more fluid. Yes! EIGHT! I count eight babies total…”

For a good, long while it was completely quiet in the room. Except for Meagan’s soft panting, nothing could be heard as everyone tried to grasp what was just discovered. Eight babies. Little 3-foot-9 Meagan, with her cute freckles and pigtails, barely ten years old, was knocked up with EIGHT FUCKING BABIES. It was no wonder she had grown so fast, so HUGE, so much faster than even Peggy. And yet – despite the shock, despite the absurdity of it all, I felt proud. Proud that it was me, it was MY sperm which had been able to knock Meagan up to such an extent.

“Jesus Christ, Bill, what is in those balls of yours?” Peggy’s utterance broke the silence. “E-eight…Maggie, you sure that’s correct? It wasn’t, like, more fluid perhaps?” Peggy almost pleaded, as if somehow Maggie could change the outcome.

Maggie shook her head in a slow, thoughtful motion. “I see eight developing foetuses, about twenty weeks along. It isn’t excess fluid, Peg. In fact, it is statistically more likely that I missed a child or two.”

Lightning had managed to hit twice. She could be expecting MORE than eight babies? How pregnant exactly was that girl? In my mind I pictured Meagan in front of me, naked, her tummy distending to Maggie’s size – then swelling bigger, and bigger, babies kicking and bulging in her womb. Her breasts were expanding alongside her spherical abdomen, stretching fuller and rounder, larger than her teacher Claire, bigger than her head. Streams of milk began running down from her fat sausage-like nipples. In my fantasy Meagan sat down and spread her legs to give room for her expansion. “How many babies do I carry, daddy?” She moaned, “Eight? Nine? Maybe ten, daddy? Your babies are moving around so much daddy, I can feel them squirm about, and I’m still growing…”

I snapped out of it when Peggy jabbed my arm, hard. Everyone’s eyes were on me, and when I looked down I realized why. Absentmindedly I had manoeuvred my dick in such a way that it was sticking up, out of my pants, greeting the outside world. If possible, Peggy’s face was redder than before, expressing a mixture of confusion, embarrassment and lust. Meagan was sitting up now, panting hard, unable to take her eyes off my attentive dong. Maggie was flustered too, and the first to speak up.

“Well Bill, I can see the news has greatly affected you…” Carefully, grabbing the edge of the bed, the sexy nurse hauled herself up, visibly aroused. “Perhaps something should be done about it?”

“Oh, now you’ve done it, you hussy,” Peggy stood up too now, hands in her sides. “That is my husband, and if anyone should do something about…about THAT, it is me!”

I had feared it from the moment Maggie walked in – that there would be beef between the two buxom bombshells whom I saw – and screwed – each day. But despite the escalating scenario, I was horny, very horny, instead of worried or ashamed. As it turned out, so were they.

“Wha- are you insinuating I wanted to… Why, I never said so!” Maggie defensively hugged her giant belly, as if the verbal attack would harm her unborn children.

“Oh, but you implied it, didn’t you? I know all about you and Bill, he fessed up, so don’t pretend, you busty slut!” Peggy suddenly went for the door. I was sure she would storm out, but instead she turned the lock and made a defiant pose.

“You see this?” Peggy gestured at her body, moving her arms from top to bottom. “He married this. And after eight children I’ll give him five MORE now, that’s how hot I make him. His dick is mine!”

“Well he may not have done this to me,” Maggie poked her own abdomen, “but he certainly loooves this belly and these tits!” With that she grabbed her breasts and shook them up and down. “I swell REAL good up here, which swells him up REAL good down there!”

Peggy mashed her own tits together in this bizarre, boobilicious stand-off. “You know what? That is it. I’m horny, I’m fed up, and I’ve known Bill for years, Maggie Maggot! Bet who will make him cum sooner?”

“Oh, you are ON, pregger-pegger!”

Peggy then swirled to me and pointed at the bed. “You, get over there mister, and don’t you dare jack off!” Then to Meagan, “You, missy, in the chair, quick!”

Dazed, almost unable to fully comprehend what was going on, Meagan and I silently switched places. Peggy plopped down in the chair next to her daughter, and patted the free seat on her right, staring intently at Maggie.

“The one to make my husband cum will get to fuck his fat dick. Get your pregnant ass in the chair!”

“Well don’t cry if you lose, Pegster,” Maggie responded, purposely swaying her heavily pregnant body as she clumsily wobbled to the cushiony seat. Peggy had begun removing her maternity dress, revealing her large G-cup breasts – my horny wife hadn’t been wearing a bra, it turned out. In response, Maggie deftly opened her uniform and unclasped her large, black bra, locking eyes with Peggy in a death stare of sorts.

There they were then, a true sight to behold: three heavily pregnant ladies, Maggie, Peggy and Meagan, sitting next to one another in a horny clash of chests. I couldn’t believe how things were turning out – but I wasn’t about to complain. My gaze wandered past the three fertility goddesses in front of me; Maggie had the largest tits and biggest belly by far, and seeing her naked made my dick throb. Peggy’s tits were smaller but firmer, except for her nipples, which were long, fat and juicy looking; her areolas were puffier and had small bumps, a sign of impending motherhood. Meagan had just pulled her dress over her head, wanting to join the action, when Peggy stopped her.

“Oh no dear, this is between grown-ups only. You sit and, and, well learn something!” Peggy instructed before her daughter could unhook her bra. I was disappointed – I loved Meagan’s big, fat tits, especially because they looked so enormous on her otherwise tiny body. Her naked belly was exposed though, and it was rounder and fuller than her mother’s – but not nearly as big as Maggie’s. With octuplets filling her to capacity however, I was certain that would change soon.

“Look at me, Bill,” Peggy ordered, cheeks burning and hands rubbing her twinner-belly, “I’m gonna make you cum, so get undressed, but don’t you dare jerking your fat cock, you hear? You WATCH me, and I’ll have you CUM in no time.”

God, my wife was hot. She was angry, I know, but so damn hot. As I stripped down, completely freeing my hard, pulsing cock, I heard Meagan softly gasp right before Maggie spoke:

“You know why she says that, don’t you Billy-boy? Because one look at my HUGE, stretched belly and you’ll empty your balls all over it, that’s why!” Maggie had leamed back and was rubbing her massive, shiny dome, almost obscuring her face.

“D-don’t listen to her, Bill…God you’re so massive, honey… Your big cock turns me ON!” My sweet Peggy had started caressing her milk-engorged breasts, causing her nipples to stiffen and thicken. Already little white beads were appearing at the tips.

There I sat at the edge of the hospital bed, my dick rock hard and producing precum, my eyes darting from one sexy lady to the other. Peggy was moaning softly, eyes closed, fondling her milky tits. How I wanted to shove my dick in between her heavenly mounds – but I knew I’d ruin this horny game if I didn’t play along. Maggie was mimicking my wife, squeezing her big buxom harder as if that would prove superiority. Slowly their moaning became a little louder, a little hornier.

Suddenly Maggie gasped, her eyes flared: large bumps appeared all over her pregnant sphere; some small, some quite large – her babies were awake and reacting.

“Oh God, Bill, I’m SO pregnant, look at me… I’m so swollen and large with life, I LOVE it… It turns me on knowing I’m growing SIX babies in me – Oh! See how they move? Oh, Bill, I want that big cock… I wanna feel your sperm!”

Maggie’s words and her moving belly got my dick thumping visibly, oozing precum from the head. On top of that, she was actually swelling more: her voluminous tits were expanding, the way they always did when she got properly aroused.

“Y-yea, well, ah…ahh, these are YOUR babies growing in me, honey,” Peggy countered, moaning with lust, “you p-put FIVE babies in me, Bill, and with how BIG and HEAVY ‘Lisa and Meg were I’ll make that slut look like a dwarf! Ungh!”

Peggy lifted her butt from the chair, heaving her pregnant belly up, lifting it higher than Maggie’s.

“B-besides, can she d-do THIS?” As she moaned, Peggy forcefully squeezed her nipples and pressed her breasts hard in between her fingers. Milk squirted out of her teats, small fountains of white liquid spraying with each grope. Peggy looked at me with lustful eyes, then at Maggie, whose eyes were filled with jealousy.

Unable to mimic such milky goodness the nurse brought one swollen breast to her mouth and began sucking her thick, succulent nipple; the other hand she ran over her outstretched stomach, feeling her active babies, then down to her sopping vagina, almost hidden under her colossal pregnant shape.

Looking at the ladies playing with themselves more vividly, I was beginning to feel a tingling sensation in my balls. Sure enough, without even touching myself I knew I would cum if they kept this up. My cock, as long and thick as my forearm, was throbbing hard, slick and shiny with precum.

Peggy moved both her hands to her pussy, spreading it open with two fingers. She was drenched down there – I don’t even remember how she removed her panties – with her glistening love juice running down from the chair. Without hesitation she plunged two fingers, then three inside her wanting hole, throwing back her head and moaning loudly. Her belly, too, began to show signs of life; small bumps here and there pushed up from her womb, reactions to their mother’s pleasure.

Maggie was sucking and pulling her tits hard now, muffled moans escaping from her. Her fingers were flicking her engorged clitoris up and down, wetness audibly gushing from her snatch. Her free hand was clutching her sphere-like belly, subconsciously squeezing her soft skin.

Peggy, in between moans and pants, turned her head towards the masturbating nurse. “Oh…Oh… Y-you are a sexy muffin, I c-can see … N-no wonder Bill fell for y-OH, you slut…”

Maggie let go of her breast – both of which had visibly swollen a cup size, and gasped. “Haah, hah… that is SO hot, that you lactate f-from those udders, you horny cow…”

I was in awe. I was in heaven. I was a Viking in Valhalla. The two busty rivals were so aroused, so fucking HORNY that they were starting to forget the challenge altogether. Maggie’s left hand slowly reached for Peggy’s breasts and began playing with them – causing more milk to spray from her nipples. In return, Peggy moved her right hand to Maggie’s pregnant belly and began stroking it.

“Y-yu-you’re a very beautiful mother-to-be,” moaned Peggy, biting her lip. She was getting close to climaxing.

“A-and, ungh, you are a gorgeous mom,” Maggie puffed, her face and hair wet and sweaty. Both of them increased their pace, masturbating faster, their fingers dipping harder. My dick felt like it could erupt at any moment.

That’s when suddenly came a third moan – louder than the others. Peg and Mag turned their heads to the only one who could’ve made the sound: pregnant little Meagan.

You see, since the challenge started, Meagan, ever so quietly, had been rubbing and feeling herself up as well. I had seen the sneaky little cunt from the corner of my eye as she caressed her big, bulging tummy, squeezed her tits through her bra, then ever so silently removed her soaked underpants. As the game got hotter, Meagan got bolder; she had started masturbating before her mother or Maggie did, and by the time the two realised it, Meagan was ploughing herself, stuffing her entire fist up her young snatch.

Unable to hold back anymore she was moaning louder and louder, eyes squeezed shut, letting go of any sense of control.

“Oh…OH! OOH, daddy, daddy I want…ooh, I NEED you…Oh dah..d-daddy, look I’m so big!” she now pressed her lips tightly together, shoving her fist in deeper, belly shaking and rippling with each wild thrust. The two women next to her began moving faster, too, as if wanting to keep up.

“M-my your daughter i-is – oh God I’m so close – she is something, isn’t she?” Maggie managed, her voice quivering as she crammed three fingers down her hole.

“U-uhh-huh…a-and I thought YOU were a slut! Aanh!” Peggy laughed, then moaned, looking at her daughter with arousal and pride.

“Ooh, OH! H-here it comes! Oh Bill, I c-can’t hold it! Ah…AH! AAAAH!” Maggie was the first to convulse, her legs outstretched and trembling, her orgasm rocking through her body. Her babies went wild, protruding from her massive belly, echoing Maggie’s excitement.

“D-don’t you cum, bitch, or I’ll, y-you’ll set ov… Oh God – oh GOD YEESSS!” Peggy, aroused by Maggie, bucked her hips upward and came so hard her breastmilk sprayed all over the women next to her.

What happened next was nothing short of divine.

Meagan had propped her feet up against the edge of the chair, half sitting up, her hand thundering in and out of her slick, wet vagina; her great big belly rumbling in between her knees. She clenched her teeth, puffing up her cheeks, face turning red – a mixture of extreme pleasure and… discomfort?

“D-daddy… I wah… I wanna get bih… I wanna get BIGGER…I’ll GROW for you daddy, just for you, oh DADDY!” While my wife and Maggie spasmed in orgasmic thralls, Meagan was building up to something much, much larger. Once again she clenched her teeth and, throwing her head back, I finally noticed why.

Meagan’s enormous breasts were swelling, pushing harder and harder against the fabric of their tightening triple-G bra. More and more tit-flesh spilled over the edges, bulging from both the top and bottom. With each movement of her hand, ramming her slushing cunt, her tits swelled and strained against the suffering piece of undergarment. Then, though I could barely fathom it, I heard her bra rip.

Lifting her butt up like her mother had done, Meagan heaved upwards with each shove, her feet firmly planted on the heavy chair, hips bucking wild. Her face twisted in pleasure and pain; she was at her absolute limit.

“UNNNG…I-im cuh… Oh daddy I’m cuhmm-Nnggah, da-add-yyyy, AAAAIIIYY!” With a banshee’s scream and a final thrust Meagan’s bra ripped apart, split down the middle, freeing her massive, milky mammaries. They bounced up before flowing to her sides; her swollen nipples simply erupted milk, gushing the creamy liquid everywhere like a hose under pressure. Meagan forced her hand from her pussy, allowing her sex juice to jettison forward, squirting all the way to the bed I sat on, dumbstruck.

“OH! OOH DADDY! I LOVE YUUU-AAAAGH!” she screamed, her entire body shaking in an earth-shattering orgasm; relief and ecstasy visible on her rosé face. She grabbed her expanding juggernauts and squeezed them, milking them for all their worth – fountains of milk cascaded over her, painting her heavy belly white. Once more she twitched and squirted, her wetness shooting in a glittering arch, then running down her legs and butt, soaking the chair beneath her.

It was my turn now, unable to hold myself; my sweet, luscious daughter had won the bet by a landslide. My balls were rumbling, my fat dick pulsing and throbbing, my orgasm imminent. I leapt forward, barely able to aim my shaft, and with a groan I blasted glob after glob of semen all over my daughter. Cum kept pumping through my cock, pearly strings of silver spattering over Meagan’s massive stomach. I turned and faced my wife, plastering her tits and heavy belly with my sticky, gooey seed. With a final grunt I stepped to my left and unloaded the rest onto Maggie’s gargantuan figure. What a feeling – such climactic bliss carried on wave after wave of release. Valhalla.

Finally I finished and stepped back, sweat dripping from my forehead. In front of me, half sagged in their armchairs were an exhausted Meagan, gasping for air and still spurting milk; a panting Peggy, twitching in pleasure; and a giggling Maggie, clutching her stomach whenever her babies kicked. Their pregnant bodies were drenched in sweat, milk and cum, dripping and dribbling to the floor.

I was still rock hard.

Inside of me the lustful Neanderthal had awoken, all reason pushed away. My pulsing cock needed more, my balls were not yet emptied. I walked to Meagan, kneeled down and without warning I grabbed her legs – still planted on the seat – and jammed my fat prick inside her gaping pussy. Her eyes flared up, her belly and tits shaking upon my sudden thrust. It was like a ripple went through her as she trembled in sensitive delight. Meagan moaned long and loud, locking eyes with me as I began to move.

I was bigger and thicker than her fist, making her a tight fit despite how slick and wet she was. Her vagina was clamping and squeezing me, sucking in my monstrous cock, inching it closer and closer to her cervix. Meagan was born to breed, so hot, so sexy, so naughty. Her moans and yells turned me on so much I felt my dick SWELL inside her, stiffening up, stretching her tight cunt further. I was three quarters in when I hit a wall, amazed that she could take me on so far already.

“Ahh…AAHN! F-fuck me daddy, h-HARDER daddy, fuck your knocked up l-little Meagan! HAAAH!” I felt Meagan’s puffy cunt tighten as she came; her nipples erect and thick, milk leaking from them in streams.

“Such a naughty girl you are,” I grunted, slamming into her again and again, “you’re such a big, pregnant SLUT, Meagan, so horny you already need to be milked!” I grabbed her massive tits, felt how soft and full they were, and squeezed them hard – forcing more milk to shoot out. Hungrily I brought my lips to her seductive nipples and began sucking them, drinking up Meagan’s breastmilk.

“Oh YES daddy, MILK me, milk my HUGE titties daddy, oh…OH! I am your little slut daddy, your pregnant lih-little cow! Ohh…I’m cu-cuhmm-daddy you muh-make me CUMMMM!”

My hands were holding Meagan’s incredible belly, feeling it wobble and spasm as yet another orgasm went through her. I sucked one tit, then the other, their supply of milk seemingly limitless. Meagan’s small hands held my waist, beckoning me to keep pumping her.

“Pound me daddy, Oh…p-pound my womb h-harder…Oh daddy, I’m so BIG and FULL of babies… Oh, oh, imagine how much BIGGER I’ll be! M-my tummy, so HUGE, a-and my TITS, daddy, they’ll swell m-more, and more…and M-MORE! Oooh da-a-addy, I can’t s-stop CUMMING!”

Meagan came hard again, squirting milk against my face and chest, dripping down her distended sides. Her hips bucked furiously, coaxing me in as I hit her womb harder while she squeeeezed me. We made wet sucking sounds with each piston thrust. Meagan was screaming loudly, throwing her head left and right, trembling and shaking as if climaxing each time I drilled her sopping cunt.

“T-that’s it Bill, f-fuck that little slut, FUCK her good!” In surprise I turned my head to see Peggy and Maggie at it again, masturbating while they spurred me on.

“That’s right, Bill, s-she can take it! The womb’s plugged up in pregnancy, so-OH! P-pound that slutty little cunt!” Maggie’s belly shook with life as she frantically fingered herself.

“C-cum in her with your fat prick, honey! Aaah, your fat dick that ‘swole her up with s-SO many babies, she won’t be able to walk!”

My raging cock grew as big and hard as it could upon hearing those incredible words. My wife, the mother of my children, was telling me to fuck the living daylight out of our youngest girl. Meagan shrieked and came, shrieked and came, as she felt how I stretched her vagina to its limit. I POUNDED her tiny swollen body, rocking the chair back against the wall. It would’ve destroyed anyone else, like how I fucked her teacher into a coma – but not my Meagan. She kept up, kept on wanting, kept on bucking, kept on cumming, this wonderful, impossible girl. She looked at me, that sweet, freckled face shiny from sweat and milk, tears of bliss in her eyes. Her panting moans joined with mine, and I loved her. I loved her more deeply than anyone else, a connection that transcended all reason, proven by the eight babies expanding her young womb.

I exploded inside her, releasing more cum than I thought possible. When I moved my dick out my cum practically blasted from her gaping cunt. Groaning I aimed at her face and spurted thick ropes of semen, clinging to her hair, dribbling off her tits, covering her belly. Meagan, convulsing in orgasm, rubbed my spunk all over herself, licking it from her lactating breasts, stuffing it in her squirting vagina.

Panting hard, sweating profusely, the world sank back into conscious thought; the Neanderthal retreating to its cave. The nurse and my wife had, quite apparent, orgasmed again and were clutching the sides of their swollen abdomens. Meagan lay trembling, her head hanging back, drawing in deep, heavy breaths. They were a mess – and so were the floor and seats – bathed in more bodily fluids than seemed possible.

“W-we should do this again, dear…” Peggy whispered, smiling widely.

“Y-you’re on,” Maggie snickered, then both ladies were laughing.

“L-look at this mess! Aha.. Ahaha! Bill, you stud!” my wife hooted. “Wha-haha! What are we gonna do?”

“Teehee, we-we’ve got cleaners for that, love,” Maggie blurted, “This happens more than you think!”

With that I joined in the laughter, went to my wife and helped her sit up, giving her a long, deep kiss. That’s when we all looked at Meagan, who had turned her head and started giggling uncontrollably – her mouth curved in a sneaky grin. My wife chuckled.

“Eight children, Bill,” Peggy shook her head, laughing in disbelief, “You son of a bitch, eight children.”


When we got home Meagan was, unsurprisingly, exhausted. Peg and I decided she should stay home after the excitement of the day, and without a fuss she wobbled to her room, her face one of pure bliss in afterglow. Peggy heaved herself to the couch and fell down on it unceremoniously, closing her eyes. In the meantime I felt I was in dire need of a shower, before I’d head to work again.

Going up the stairs I heard the water running. Must be Adam, I thought. Except it wasn’t, because he was in his room, the door ajar, playing videogames. Sick in bed, huh? I’d have to have a talk with him about that later.

My guess was Adam had forgotten to turn off the tap – what a waste of money – so you can imagine my surprise when I opened the shower room and found my oldest daughters, Julie and Jennie, quickly releasing one another from a soapy embrace.

“D-Dad! W-what are you doing in here?” Julie, born the earliest, tried hiding her small, perky breasts and unshaven bush unsuccessfully. Her sister had turned around, allowing for a look at her tight butt.

“I’m back from the check-up,” I answered, half confused, “but what about you? You’re supposed to be in school. A-and were you two…?”

“Please dad, d-don’t tell mom, she’ll freak out,” Jennie pleaded, “We’ll do anything, so please dad…”

Anything? The caveman peeked out from his subconscious grotto. Come to mention it, hadn’t they constantly been whining and complaining about their lack of growth? How their breasts didn’t develop, and how the others got all the attention from the boys? They were fourteen now, time to catch up with the rest, wouldn’t you say? With a broad smile on my face I began to undress, my penis already twitching in anticipation.

“Dad, what’s on your mind?” Julie moaned – was that a tease? A little smile across her lips? I suppose it couldn’t be helped; it was high time their sexual desires kicked in.

When I removed my underwear my daughters gasped. Of course, they had not yet seen how large I was. And it was growing already, just for them! As I stepped forward their eyes grew wider, wanting my growing member.

“Come on, dad,” they coaxed, playing hard to get, grabbing their own underdeveloped breasts. My, had I known they were so naughty I would’ve made a move earlier! IMPREGNATED them earlier. Well, it was time to knock them up properly, now. I went for them, rubbing my stiffening dick, their nervous awes all the more arousing.

“It’s alright girls, I know I’m big, but I’ll be gentle,” I smirked. “Now how about we get all soaped up together, eh?”

How adorable they were, how sexy, my oldest girls – how could I have missed that? Lightly pushing me when I reached for them, slipping left and right, getting in the right position for what they were asking for. Moaning a ‘no’ which meant yes, giggling a ‘stop it’ which meant ‘fuck me’. “I’ll be gentle,” I reassured, my dick fully erect now. They let me hold them by their arms, and I smelled their flowery soap. “Let’s enjoy some family time together,” I whispered. I got them to lie down, legs spread and waiting –

Something hard and plastic hit me on the back of my head. Confused, the oafish primate turned to what had struck him, barely recognizing the shape. It was a… Nintendo controller?
“DAD!” Behind me stood my son, Adam, fingers curled into fists, anger and anxiety in his eyes. Realization finally dawned on me, and, suddenly nervous myself, I turned to my daughters, breathing heavily.

They were crying, huddled on the floor, holding each other tightly to protect themselves against – against their dad, their loving father. Against ME. And I remembered. It had not been a little game of seduction. They weren’t teasing me, or smirking, or moaning at me. Not wanting me but warning me, backing away, they were TERRIFIED of me. They had meant their stop and no but I had thrown them on the ground forcefully, the Neanderthal believing they wanted me.

I had almost raped them.

I staggered backwards as the thought crashed in, slinking down to the floor when I backed into the corner near the bathroom door. Panic tore my heart, tears bubbled up in my eyes.

“J-jenn… Jules…I-I didn’t… No…I-It wasn’t me…” I began sobbing, hiding my face in my palms. “Oh God, w-what did I do? My girls… My wonderful girls…”

Peggy had finally come up the stairs, utter shock in her motherly eyes. Adam had grabbed two large towels and covered the girls; what a protective little brother. If it hadn’t been for him…

I didn’t have the courage to look up. “F-forgive me…Oh God, my babies, forgive me…” my voice faltered and I cried, hugging myself tighter, wishing myself smaller, wanting to disappear. I barely noticed my wife’s hand on my shoulder, or the fading whimpers of my daughters and Adam’s broken sobs.

So we sat there, a family in tears. And on that lecherous precipice, the dissolute ways of Fertile Valley would no longer wile me.

I was a father, once more.

Author’s note: Phew, that's one more down. In many ways this chapter is the longest and hottest I’ve written, as well as the most pivotal to the plot. I'm glad ending chapter 17 this way, as I feel that Bill's fall was best addressed after his highest moment, rather than the start of a new chapter. It was tough to get things right; I’ve rewritten many sections and gone back to fix small phrases – you’d be surprised how long one can get stuck on “my orgasm imminent”! But I digress. Thank you all for your eternal patience; two more chapters and epilogue to go. A little food for thought, until then: what will Bill do about Daniels?

As always, let me know what you think, criticism and ideas are welcome.
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